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Hello there! Ready to get rich?

My name is Shawn Jennings, and I have a proven method to put that cash into your pocket while you're playing on the slot machines..

I'm an addicted gambler and I've been playing slots 2-3 hours a day for over 15 years. First of all, only play slots with the intention of losing, as they are a stupid persons way of gambling.

I've doubled my money at least every two days but the problem with being addicted is that quite often, I stay there till I lose it.

I only usually go with 120-140$dollars always at 9am.. Because I found 15-20 machines that pay around 9am.. If I lose then I go to work as I am a handy man. After work I go back to the casino. Depending what the time is, is the deciding factor to which casino I go to, as once again, machines pay at certain times at certain casinos.

My guide doesn't just tell you when the good times to go are, or what to do when you're there.
My guide will tell you exactly how to get your moneys worth, and when the right times to gamble are.

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